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Why choose forged aluminum alloy wheels 2020-12-17 16:14:32
With the development of economy and the popularity of refitting culture, refitting has become a big hobby of car enthusiasts.Among them, the most popular wheels modification, high performance forged aluminum wheels is the first choice.

Let's take a look at three characteristics of forged aluminum wheels:

forged aluminum wheels

Energy saving: forged alloy wheels is light in weight, high manufacturing accuracy, automobile wheel price, small deformation at high speed rotation, small inertia resistance, which is conducive to improve the straight driving performance of the car, reduce the rolling resistance of tires, JOVA forged wheels, thus reducing oil consumption.

forged alloy wheels

Safety: T6 aluminum alloy thermal conductivity is three times of steel, heat dissipation effect is very good, so as to enhance the braking performance, improve the life of tires and brake disc, So the forged wheels effectively ensure the safety of the car.

JOVA forged wheels

Comfort: cars equipped with forged alloy wheels are generally equipped with flat tires with better cushioning and shock absorption performance than ordinary tires, which greatly improves the comfort of cars on uneven roads or at high speed.
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