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Car wheel modification 2019-06-28 15:15:20
Porsche refit upgrade, 21" customized refit forged wheels ,

custom forged wheels

It took three years for the owner, Mr. Li, to buy his beloved car. While he was happy, he had his own troubles. The reason was that his wheels didn't conform to the overall temperament of the car.At the beginning also wanted to find some wheel manufacturers, but most can not do personalized customization, also worried about quality problems.

oem forged rim

Finally, he found JOVA WHEELS, a forged wheel manufacturer , the first forged wheel manufacturer in Guangzhou. Compared with other casting wheel, the wheel is lighter and more suitable for Mr. Li's car. Compared to a set of wheels abroad to more than 4000 usd, in JOVA  as long as a few of the money can be bought, both high-tech and meet the needs of personalized customization.

custom forged car wheels

Mr. Li's car after modification, really love it ! Feel that there is no wrong choice of rim manufacturers, quality is guaranteed.

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