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Repair car wheels and rims 2020-12-17 16:13:08
The necessity of wheel repair

①bad shape.Once the car wheels is damaged, it will affect the image of the car wheels, reduce the grade of the car, both distressed, uncomfortable.②The alloy wheels is easily corroded or oxidized over time.③ endanger the safety. Once the wheels damaged, if only the surface scratch is ok, not only affect the appearance, but also a long time the appearance of corrosion and other conditions will affect the service life of the wheel, if there are deformation, fracture, notch and other serious conditions, there will be air leakage, body shaking, affect the safety of driving.

car wheels gold

Wheels and rims damage, the owner of the biggest feeling may be the car is moving, there will be a feeling of shaking, this time, repair wheel is imperative, but also change the color you like.
alloy wheels

Electroplated wheel  with mirror bright appearance, dazzling beautiful, noble chrome luster, good corrosion resistance, and high added value products.

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