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The influence of ET size on the car rims 2018-03-01 11:54:18

Change the wheel Offset (ET) will change the car tire tread and wheelbase refers to the distance between the center line, so if simply increase the tires without changing the Off-set, does not affect the wheel-base.

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Custom offset rims, the impact of changes in Off-set: if the switch to positive value of Off-set small wheels will tread widening, so can reduce the transfer curved when the center of gravity of the body, improve the car cornering speed limit. But because of the increase of the distance between the center of the steering axle and the tire center, the steering becomes difficult and the load of the steering mechanism is aggravated, which results in the increase of the deformation of the steering linkage. Therefore, Toe-in must be appropriately increased. But this is not the normal way, so we should make the Off-set of the front wheel close to the original wheels Off-set value as much as possible. For the car rear wheel, when changing to larger car wheel rim, if it doesn't change the Off-set, it will often encounter the problem of the inner side of the tire running into the suspension mechanism. Therefore, when the wheel arch is not worn, it is beneficial to use the smaller wheel rim with a positive Off-set value. But attention is on the rear for independent suspension of the car, so the change will increase the amount of Toe in the change of rear wheel acceleration and braking, which is generally a no effect, but it is a big problem for racing car.

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Off-set will also affect the bearing load, the general design of vehicle Off-set are in straight line bearing load minimum as the goal, the use of Off-set is smaller rim though the load bearing slightly increased when the car straight (Off-set changes within 50mm are not considered the problem of bearing load sharing). But the bending load is low.

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When we modify wheel, we also need to consider the effect of ET on the brake. If the brake needs to change four pistons or even six pistons, with the increase of brake calipers, the car rims will provide more space, otherwise the brake calipers will rub into the car rims. At this time, the greater the ET value of the hub, the greater the space inside the hub. Many of the riders who modified rims, if they don't notice the ET value at the beginning, change the car rims or replace the wheel gaskets when they refit the brakes, and these two methods are not very reliable. You know, the rim of the gasket is not particularly safe, but also increased the track.

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