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Refurbishment and coloring technology of car wheels repair 2018-03-03 16:28:35

Car wheels repair technology refers to the application of special car wheels and rims to repair the damage, such as scratches, gaps, shedding, peeling, corrosion and yellowing, without damaging the molecular structure and mechanical properties of aluminum alloy.

replacement car wheels rims

Car wheel refurbishment technology is based on the material characteristics of the car wheel surface, and it is used for repair and renovation by using professional technology and materials to wear, scratch, fade and minor defects.

The color change of the wheel rim is based on the needs of different customers, providing the service of the refurbishing and changing the color of the personalized car wheels.

black car wheels and rims

Do car wheels rims painting, why do you want to learn the repair and refurbishment of the wheel?

The wheel and rim painting requires a higher wheel rim appearance, and the hub must be complete, undamaged, without scratch and so on. If the car rim is damaged, it must be repaired until the rim is painted. Otherwise, the effect will be defective, and the customer will not be satisfied.

car wheels and rims machined

Many repair car wheel manufacturers production capacity and production standards are very different, there are many businesses for the benefit drive, shoddy, inferior to generation, causing the entire industry renovation quality uneven in quality wheels and rims painted, to the society and the users of the wheel products renovation, painting recognition has brought great difficulties.

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