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Modify yellow 2000 eulogize Integra Type R 2018-02-05 16:50:03

Finding a clean and affordable eulogize Integra Type R is not easy now. We've seen ITRs up to $30-40, 000, and a slightly hit ITRs still gets $20 thousand in premium. For many people, these prices look very outrageous, especially when a long chain of cars can provide more electricity and smaller costs. But for any Honda fan, it's nice to have a compact sports car, like Chuy Navarro.

CE28 sport rims

From 97 to 01 years, there are less than 4000 DC2 Integra Type R sold in North America. Chuy said, "I've had this car for nearly three years, basically to buy it and start a road race. That's the high school dream car that I couldn't afford. "At that time, mean 97 years past, Chuy borrowed his uncle's 87 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II to participate in the competition, until he became a real Honda loyalty, and became famous throughout the southern California community in Honda. Since graduating from high school, he has been committed to driving eight different Honda models, including 753hp turbocharged Integra and 98 year JDM specification Integra Type R, which is still in progress. However, this yellow Type R is not just another vehicle in his portfolio. It happens to be one of his favorite cars, realizing his teenage dream and a car that he can enjoy seven days a week.

modify ce28 sport car

It has been prepared enough to adapt to the days of the weekend track and to go to work at any time. Such as the built in valve mechanism made by his friend Nhan Vo, the all V exhaust pipe and the five axle CNC type R cylinder head completed by his late friend Saul Salceda, helped the 1.8L four cylinder engine to achieve 230 horsepower. Chassis has also been developed with more sharp processing and better braking requirements, such as suspension from Exceed Japan and larger Wilwood calipers and rotors in front. Modeling modification is also not ignored. It uses Mag blue Volk racing car CE28 sport rims and LED tail - delicate mods, but it is just enough to make Chuy Type R separate from all other Phoenix Yellow Integra.

racing car rims

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