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custom deep concave wheels from China 2020-12-17 15:48:52

Are you looking for deep concave rims ? JOVA WHEELS is one of the best companies that make custom wheels , we are custom wheel manufacturer in China.

deep concave wheels

The deep concave wheels is a 2-piece forged rim, with gloss black rim barrel and rose gold hup cap , and 6 deep concave spoke. our available size a 18 19 20 21 22 inch. The color are customized .

deep concave rims wholesale

The deep concave wheels also a 2-piece rim, bronze rim barrel and matte black paint hup cap, with multi deep concave spoke. We also have black ones like this:

deep concave forged wheels

The next concave wheels is brushed rim barrel and transparent red paint hup cap.

custom deep concave wheels from China

JOVA Wheels custom aftermarket rims and t6 forged wheels for you, welcome to call to text +8618819367688 or email jova@jovawheels.com to get a best competitive price.

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