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What's the difference between wheel size and visual effects 2020-12-17 15:49:31
Regarding the difference in wheel size, many people will find the large wheel attractive and sporty, because it will make the wheel look larger and be used by many sports cars. But apart from visual effects, the differences in fuel consumption between wheels of different sizes do not seem to be well understood. Today I'm going to help you popularize science.

Firstly, forged wheels width (J value) directly affects the choice of rims. The flat ratio and width of forged wheels vary with different J value of the same size wheels.

custom rims for car

And we often talk about the size of the wheel is the diameter of the wheel. We often hear the statement of 19 inch wheels and 20 inch wheel, of which 19, 20 inch refers to the diameter of the wheel. Generally in cars, if the wheel size is large and the flat ratio of tires is high, miscellaneous vision can play a very good tension effect, and the stability of vehicle handling will also increase, but the following is the additional problem of fuel consumption.

custom forged wheels for car

The most remarkable point of large-sized wheel is to improve the visual effect. Automobile design is a science. The size and shape of wheel is an important tool to convey automobile aesthetics and emotion. Most of the time, you can know what brand of car is just looking at the wheel, so the size of the wheel is not only important, but also exquisite, and has a theoretical basis. Generally speaking, if the wheel height can reach half of the highest body height, the car looks dynamic and elegant.

19 inch wheels

But the bigger the wheel, the better it looks. Many customers want to make the wheel more than 24 inches, which has been out of the normal wheel proportion. It feels like a bodybuilder walking with his shoes, raising the chassis of the car. The proportion is seriously imbalanced, which affects the performance of the car. JOVA FORGED WHEELS suggests that the right size is perfect, and there is no need to blindly pursue large-scale. Inch wheel, so the exaggerated size of the wheel is not the best choice. chat us call or text +8618819367688, or email jova@jovawheels.com .

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