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Custom wheels Porsche Cayenne rims 2020-12-17 15:48:21

Porsche Cayenne first appeared at the Geneva Motor Show in early 2002. It was born in Porsche, a German company famous for producing super sports cars. Although it is a SUV, it inevitably has many characteristics of sports cars. Therefore, it has become the fastest off-road vehicle in the world and the world champion of 100 meters in the field of off-road vehicles. And the off-road car produced by this famous sports car manufacturer has attracted people's attention both externally and internally, just like the world champion. The refitting project: upgrade 21-inch forged wheel four-wheel brake paint change color (red calipers). Let's make the flying Cayenne more sexy and charming.

custom wheels

Porsche has the same stature as most SUVs, but as we all know, Porsche has always been characterized by its high price of selection (Porsche Center is sometimes really very unpopular, although it has a starting price of more than one million, but the standard 18-inch hub does not match its aura.Decisively decided to upgrade to 21 inch wheel with Pirelli tires.

21 inch wheels

With Porsche Cayenne's body, 21-inch wheel is the only thing to match. This refitting style chooses 18 Porsche Cayenne 21-inch wheel effects, a brand-new design of Cayenne 21-inch wheel style, more fashionable banner design, more exquisite shape, with red calipers, its appearance effect is eye-catching. The first light.

porsche wheels

Compared with the original 18-inch wheels, the 21-inch wheels of Porsche Cayenne are obviously better than the original wheels in terms of style, workmanship and the exposed area of calipers.

custom porsche rims

The rear wheels are upgraded to 21-inch wheels and the front wheels are original 18-inch wheels. From this point of view, we can clearly feel the visual enjoyment brought by the matching of wheel and body. Cayenne 21-inch wheel is more full and full of visual tension, which reflects the side effect of Porsche Cayenne more rounded streamline, smaller gap between the archs, and no sense of inconsistency.

The side effect of Porsche Cayenne 21-inch wheel upgrade highlights the taste and grade of millions of luxury SUVs, and the driving dynamic is improved significantly. Widened tires provide more stable grip and bend support for high-speed driving. It can be said that while enjoying visual aesthetics, it can also improve the driving experience.

oem wheels for porsche

Porsche Cayenne wheels with red calipers spray finish, from the perspective of appearance evaluation, this is no longer the most low-fitting model, leap to upgrade to the appearance of Cayenne Turbo, more sporty, more full, more fashionable beauty.

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