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Automotive rims discomfort , will increase oil consumption 2018-01-30 15:28:40

Today, has become an important part of automotive rims owners dress up the car will not let go of. Compared with the steel wheels and the cast aluminum alloy wheels, the forged automotive rims have the advantages of light weight, high manufacturing accuracy, high strength and low inertia resistance when the vehicle is running, which is conducive to improving the straight driving performance of the vehicle, and the corresponding fuel consumption will also be reduced. The automotive rims engineer from Guangzhou Jova car accessoies Co.,Ltd, suggest the car owner of a general modified wheel, in order to improve the vehicle performance, the two is the pursuit of personality beauty. But can the automotive rims really be replaced at will? Change at random, will certainly destroy the original factory data, not only vehicle fuel consumption will rise, power and braking effect will be affected. So our automotive rim engineers are not in favor of owners' blind replacement of wheels. Improper wheels will not only increase tire wear, but also bring hidden dangers to travel safety. The comfort of vehicles will also be greatly reduced.

matte grey automotive rimsmatte black automotive rims

Only from the appearance, it is difficult to see the forged automotive rims are the good or bad. The quality parameters of the automotive rims have to be measured by professional automotive rim instruments. Because the metal materials related to the protection of the hub appearance and spread, which increases the difficulty to distinguish the authenticity. Thus Jova forged wheel factory's engineer suggested that the owners to choose the brand rim suppliers, to ensure the quality of automotive rims. The rim is mostly cast and forged, and lightweight material is used. Therefore, the automotive rim can be struck, and the quality of the automotive rim can be simply judged by whether the voice is crisp. The wheels of the regular manufacturer are all the same, mainly because of the different materials, and the price difference is very big. Car owners can collect information from many aspects, or invite experts to guide, and try to choose regular channels to buy products, so as to prevent problems that are difficult to maintain. Clean the automotive rims with clean water, not to make cleaning.

forged automotive rimsforged automotive rims wholesale

The automotive rims are equivalent to the car's foot, so it's important to "rub the foots" on a regular basis. As long as we pay attention to daily maintenance, regular inspection and cleaning of oil pollution, generally will not be any serious. We suggest that cleaning the automotive rims must be cleaned with clean water, and the wheel must be cooled until the automotive rim is cooled. If the car is running, the rim and tyre will be rubbed and heated. If it is cleaned at once, it will cause the change of the rim material and the appearance of paint and decolorization. It is better to use soap and clean water to clean up the oil, and the detergent is likely to corrode the material, and it is not recommended. In addition, the Master Sun also added, many owners in the cleaning wheel will add spray tire wax, if the greedy choice of poor quality products, better not.

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