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What to pay attention when modify car tire 2018-01-26 15:25:44

The automobile rims wheels are like the foot of cars. The car tire, like the car's shoes. If we want to improve the overall performance of the vehicle, we need not only to refit a high performance forged wheels, but also to choose a pair of suitable shoes so as to run quickly and steadily.  Choose a pair of suitable shoes for automobile rims to run fast. A car with a good driving performance, in addition to a strong power system, also needs to be balanced with other systems. In front of you, I introduce a misunderstanding of tire modification. Next, I want to talk about Misunderstanding of tire modification: only focus on its performance and ignore complex and changeable road conditions.

automobile rims wheels

Most of car tyres in the factory are chosen after considering many aspects such as durability, comfort and adaptability to various climate and pavement. Because for many cars, they can not only run smooth highways, but also cope with rugged rural roads. For driving in the ordinary way of the owners, if only pay attention to the tire dry grip performance even half a few choice pattern using hot melt tire tire (also known as R, although for tyre) extremely excellent sports performance, but the extreme design will let the other performance greatly reduced, or even to cope with everyday the use of demand.

high performance forged wheels

So for going to a tire for year-round use of the owners, even aside the durability and price problems, partial competitive orientation of the tire, such as A050, Dunlop 03G, Yokohama R tire is not suitable for all-weather use, although their performance is extremely dry out of color.

forged auto wheels

And like the days of family stroke Bridgestone (Potenza) Street tire this type of Michelin PILOT series, SPORT series, Zero series of Pirelli P is a good choice, both these tires have a good grip, and durability, and no drainage and comfort on the street is too extreme, so tire of these series is also frequently used in the original super sports car, the tire price will not be too outrageous.

automobile wheels and tires

Good performance tire has a good effect on the control performance and safety performance of the vehicle. Good performance tires protect automobile wheels more. But blind pursuit of unilateral outstanding performance (too large, too wide, too soft, etc.) will bring worse effect than original tire. Only balanced vehicle promotion can get the best result. So the owners must pay attention to these problems when they are refitting!

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