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About car rims parameters 2018-01-30 16:41:57

The aluminum alloy car rims have attracted more and more private owners for its beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. Now, almost all the new models have aluminum alloy wheels. and many of the car owners have replaced the wheels for forged aluminum alloy wheels.

aluminum alloy car rimsgrey aluminum alloy car rims

car rim size

For example, the 18x8 car rims is a rim with a diameter of 18 inch and a 8 inch width. Now, in order to improve vehicle performance and increase the wheel is a popular upgrade current, the tire diameter unchanged, increasing the car wheels with wide and flat tire, can effectively reduce the horizontal swing of the car, improves the stability and cornering as superficial and fleeting. However, it should be noted that the thinner the tire, the thinner the thickness, the worse the damping performance, and the greater sacrifice of the comfort. Generally speaking, it is the most suitable to increase the size of the car rims according to the size of the car replica rims.

18x9 car rims18x8 car rims

PCD and pore position

The hole position refers to the number of words which are locked into the nut when the hub is fixed, usually 4 holes or 5 holes. PCD values are these holes connected with the formation of circle diameter, if you really love a hub, and not PCD (such as the car is 4 hole X100, and the rim is the 5 hole X114.3), you can use the positioner (also called flange). Sometimes use the positioner for special needs widening the track. Positioner diagram

The value of Offset (also called ET or offset)

Car rim Offset is defined as the distance between the tightening surface of the rim and the center line of the rim. There are three kinds of positive, zero and negative ones. The fastening surface is positive to the lateral direction, and the inner side of the wheel rim is negative, and the center line is zero. The popular point is that the car rim is retrofitted or protruding out. Figure

forged aluminum alloy wheelsforged aluminum alloy rims

Center hole

The center hole is a part that is fixed to the vehicle. It is the location of the concentric circle between the car rims center and the concentric circle. The diameter of the car rim affects whether we can install the rim, which ensures that the geometric center of the rim can be aligned with the rim geometry. If the center hole of the hub is too large, the center hole ring of the hub can be added. Figure

The last point is not to choose cheap or fake products, which may be some surplus products produced by wheel manufacturers. Fortress goods are not to mention, there is no quality guarantee. The quality of these products is quite different from the quality of the original products. The best choice is to choose brand and high quality car rim suppliers.

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