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The secret of the Cuban street racing car 2017-12-02 12:19:51

Our fans prefer not only to redress but also to watch movies related to motor sports.was shown in the early morning of No. 14. I am sure to see the premiere, or I'm sorry for the exhaust pipe of my car. All right, the movie is very exciting at the beginning. This time it's not another. The Cuban street racing car has shocked me deeply. So, Liang Ming has analyzed the secret of the racing car with you.

The film opened in Cuba, and the protagonist Torreto was in trouble because his brother had to drag the car with the local bully. The car is known as the fastest bully in Cuba, is a Ford Customline (right), while Torreto is driving his brother, known as Cuba's slow a Chevrolet Feetline (left).

modify wheel for racing car

Before the start of the game, Torreto made a simple modification of the Chevrolet vintage car first, front cover, fender, bumper, seat or door, batteries are removed, the benefits of doing so is to reduce the weight of the body, this is also the most riders all know, lightweight to accelerate and manipulation of the car another point is that we do not know, that is cooling.

You're rightThe modified heat accounted for the vast proportion because of get rid of the machine cover, bumper, fender lose up to 50 kg or so, plus the door, battery, seat together a maximum weight of 150 kg, for this vintage car, one hundred kilometers acceleration may enhance a second, just a second win no local steepest Ford. Why does the heat dissipate a great proportion of this modification? Please keep looking down.

In tinooretto scrap, brought the game Lettie weapon modification key, accelerated nitrogen cylinders, but the magic weapon of winning.

modified rims for racing car

Here is not the nitrous nitrogen we have often said, actually called a nitrogen oxide two, or Nitrous Oxide, commonly known as nitrous oxide. The oxidation of two nitrogen at high temperature is very unstable. The endothermic decomposition is made into nitrogen and oxygen. The oxygen here helps gasoline burn, while nitrogen can balance combustion and reduce inlet temperature, so that the cylinder will not melt as early as possible. So the attachment of the windshield around the engine allows the engine to be completely exposed to the flow of air, making the effect of the wind cooling maximum.

Torreto not only installed nitrogen acceleration system, but also installed a "fuse" for the match. Yes, the vacuum tube pull ring of the turbine relief valve was still made of cans. This function is to pull out the vacuum tube of the turbine exhaust valve, so that the turbine can not vent the pressure and keep high speed. This is used in the carburetor age of the iron engine car is feasible, changed to the car in the sensor age, ECU does not give you car lock dead power is strange!

racing car game

After a road bumping, was set up, to the final stages of the competition, as the engine temperature is too high, tinooretto simply burn up 180 degrees turn backwards, God, but finally straight sprint speed road, easy 120. General car reverse gear ratio is also 4 more than about 1, 6500 RPM engine case, the maximum reverse speed of 60 kilometers per hour, if you want to run more than 120, the engine speed to 12000 rpm, it is F1 ah, it is impossible to complete the old iron engine for overtaking.

The modify wheel is also part of the reloaded sports car. As you all know, wheels and rims performance and weight are generally forged wheels > casting wheels> steel wheels.

wheels and rims

Refitting car is a very fun thing.tell us that saving the world is the mission of refitting the car!

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