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How to distinguish between forged wheels and casting wheels 2017-12-11 15:26:20

Do you want to change the your car wheels to forged wheels? Look at how to distinguish between forged wheels and casting wheels.

With the popularity of retrofitted wind, more and more consumers of modified power wheels have been recognized. More consumers are aware of wheels. In order to upgrade the configuration of the car, improve the beauty and safety, the fuel consumption is lower, and the reloaded hub has been gradually popularized. And more and more car owners realize that the quality of forged wheels are better and safer. So how to choose the best forged wheels before refitting, it is necessary to know the difference between aluminum alloy forged wheel and traditional casting wheels.

modified wheels

Let's see the difference between the two processes.

Forged wheels rims

6061 aluminum alloy wheels: complex technology, fashionable and beautiful, high strength, oil saving.

The forged wheels are subjected to a certain pressure to heat a piece of aluminum ingot, and it is repeatedly forged and pressed into a wheel blank with a large forging press. After forging, the spinning process of rough blanks is processed. The effect of this process is to stretch the width of the rim to achieve the corresponding specifications. After spinning, the rims has been basically shaped, and then processed by machine tools, after polishing, the finished product is finished.

Because of continuous stamping, after forming, the molecular structure will become very close and bear high pressure. Therefore, under the same style and size, the forged wheels are lighter, stronger and stronger than casting wheel.

The following are the 4 advantages of the forged wheels:

1. stylish, cool tangible;

2. lightening, reducing oil consumption

3. extend the service life of the tires and brake pads

4. reduce the cost of repair

Forged wheels rims

Further speaking, because of the tight structure of the forged wheels and the ability to bear high pressure, we can design some nice and thin spoke forged wheels, and the degree of freedom of the design is higher.

Because the forging technology is complex, the forging equipment is expensive, and the cost of buying some large forging presses will be tens of millions. So the cost of forged rim is much higher. The forged rims is basically used on the high - grade cars which pay attention to the manipulation. Especially for the high performance sports cars, there is no exception to the use of large, multi shaped forged rims.

Casting wheels

A356 aluminum alloy wheels: the process is relatively simple, suitable for mass production and low cost.

Casting is the most basic method for the production of aluminum alloy wheels. It is also economical and suitable for mass production. There are 3 common processes: gravity casting, low pressure casting, and rotary casting.

1. gravity casting

Mainly by the gravity of the aluminum water itself into the mold cavity, the pressure in the flow of the self gravity of the aluminum water. Gravity casting belongs to the original casting method, the technology content is low, so most of the use of artificial, process level is difficult to be guaranteed.

2. low pressure casting

Low pressure casting is to melt molten metal in the mold, form and harden, the rough after cooling, and then finish the polishing process by lathe, and then get the finished product.

3. rotary casting

At a specific pressure and temperature, the structure of the rim of the hub is continuously extended during the rolling process through continuous rotating motion and extrusion. The spinning hub can greatly reduce the thickness of the material and reduce the weight of the hub while ensuring enough strength.

The Essential difference

forged wheels uses aero 6061 aluminum alloy forging press forging and pressing molding; casting wheels use civil aluminum A356 aluminum alloy mould to form. These two differences make the two processes significantly different in product strength, fatigue resistance, and safety. Under the microscope, the inner structure of the forged wheels is tighter and the wheel strength is higher.

true forged wheels

How to distinguish the two kinds of technology products although the forging process has been very mature, but many riders in the choice of wheels because they are not professional will be tangled, for example: I want to buy the true forged wheels but I'm not professional recognition is not in the end is not really the forged wheels. Then let me introduce the simplest method of distinction.

Cut back the true forged wheels is very smooth, cutting back the casting wheel has very obvious pitting. The casting wheels needs to be treated for escape to reduce the weight of the wheels, and the forged wheels is not needed.

For Summary

Forged wheels

Casting wheels

Raw material

6061 aluminum alloy

A356.2 aluminum alloy


High pressure forming of metal block

Molten metal is poured into a casting mold and formed after cooling





Close together


Internal stomata




High intensity

The internal uniform strength is general, the strength of different parts is different.

Weight ( 17 inch)

About 7kg

About 9kg

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