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Feedback: Porsche Cayenne Car with Porsche Cayenne Wheels


This Porsche Cayenne car is our manager Mr. Li.  Our factory made the Porsche Cayenne wheels same design as porsche cayenne replica wheels for it, but with our new paint named Xiaoxin delicacy painting which was invented by our engineer Xiaoxin.

Porsche Cayenne Rims

Porsche Cayenne wheels

All of our Porsche Cayenne-spec rims in are offered in 18, 19, 20 and 22-inch diameters. That gives you the option of sticking with the size wheels that came with your Cayenne, or upsize. And all our Porsche Cayenne rims follow the factory-mandated offsets for different diameters, to allow room for the Cayenne’s oversized disc brakes. Additionally, each wheel carries a load rating of 1980 pounds, appropriate for the Cayenne’s curb weight near 4400 pounds.

We also offer a wide variety of wheel designs, including classic 5-spoke, stunning ten-spoke and striking “tuning fork” motifs. 

Call us at any time at +86 18819367688 and we will help you with any wheels and rims question. 

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