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custom 3 piece wheels deep dish forged rims

custom 3 piece wheels deep dish forged rims custom 3 piece wheels deep dish forged rims
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Subject :custom 3 piece wheels deep dish forged rims

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Custom 3 piece wheels, oem 3-piece forged wheels - 18 19 20 21 22 inch
We are manufacturer (strong supply ability, competitive price)


This deep dish wheels is 3-piece forged wheel model, black and bronze rim barrel and grey hup cap, our available size 18 19 20 21 22 and 24 inch. 

JOVA WHEELS is a 6061-t6 forged wheel manufacturer in China, we custom forged wheels for rims wholesale distributors and wholesalers. visit our factory, welcome to call at +86 18819367688, or email jova@jovawheels.com 

custom 3 piece wheels

Item No.: JV-RT20081519
Material: forged 6061-T6 forged aluminum alloy

Finishes: bronze, black and grey,  3 piece forged

Color:  the  rim barrel and hup cap can customized in the same color or more than 2 colors .

Quality: High quality, luxury , high performance, light weight

2-piece & 3-piece forged wheels Standard Size: 

   18 inch - 18×8.0   18×8.5   18×9.0   18×9.5   18×10  18x10.5  18x11 18x11.5  18x12 

   19 inch - 19×8.0   19×8.5   19×9.0   19×9.5   19×10   19x10.5  19x11 19x11.5  19x12 

   20 inch -  20×8.0   20×8.5   20×9.0   20×9.5   20×10  20x10.5  20x11 20x11.5  20x12 

   21 inch -  21×8.0   21×8.5   21×9.0   21×9.5   21×10  21x10.5  21x11 21x11.5  21x12 

   22 inch -  22×8.0   22×8.5   22×9.0   22×9.5   22×10  22x10.5  22x11 22x11.5  22x12 

   24 inch -  24×9.0   24×9.5   24×10  24x10.5  24x11 24x11.5  24x12 

3 piece forged wheels


Free quote for 3-piece forged wheels, Please contact us by mobile/whatsapp: +86 18819367688, email at jova@jovawheels.com.


Jova forged wheels manufacturer was set up in 2015, registered capital is RMB 500 million yuan, our factory covered 12000 sq.m. There are more than 50 workers with 15 years of experiences. We have milling maching workshop, polishing workshop, fully enclosed dust-free paint workshop, assembly workshop, warehouse, factory office and showroom; and good at all kinds of craft such as chromatography and drawbench. We can offer all in one service, including design, customized forged rims making, after-sale service and so on.

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