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Why two piece forged wheels so popular 2018-08-31 16:15:33
Recently, two piece forged wheels are more and more popular in daily life. A two piece wheels have rims fabricated separately from the center and then fastened together with bolts. It is convenient to use a complicated finish since the barrel and the center are separated. The shape is also more complicated and changeable, more fashionable. Besides, through the different sizes of rims and spokes, it is possible to match the specifications of a variety of hubs to meet the needs of customers.
Jova wheels is forged wheels manufacturers which can custom made for customer to fit their requirement. Today, we will share you 3 types 2 piece forged wheels which were completed in our factory before.

two piece forged wheels

The barrels of these two piece rims are used gloss black finish and the centers are used matte black finish with 10 spoke.

5 spoke car wheels

These 2 piece forged wheels above is 5 spoke . It’s barrels are used transparent red finish and it’s centers are used gray color finish. The main material of the 2 piece forged wheel is 6061-t6 aluminum alloy.

aluminum alloy wheels for cars

The last forged wheels made for Maserati which are pink color finish. As we can see, the 2 piece rims are used many bolts to fastened the barrel and the center.
All the 2 piece wheels can be custom made 18" 19" 20" 21" 22", the wheels size and color can be customized. we are forged wheel manufacturers.

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