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The different between forged wheels, cast wheels and irony wheels 2019-05-24 14:18:04

Nowadays, there are few new models on the market when the low-matching models are equipped with iron wheels. Although this kind of wheels can also cope with daily use, there is a certain gap between the maneuverability and aesthetics of the wheels and the alloy car wheels. And more and more wheel styles. What are the advantages of alloy wheels compared with iron ones? What are alloy wheels?

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Alloy wheels include forged wheels and cast wheels. Compared to iron wheels, one of the great advantages is alloy wheels' heat dissipation. First, the heat transfer coefficient of aluminium alloy is about three times larger than that of ordinary iron wheels. It is well known that tyres and wheels generate a lot of heat when a car is running, which can even affect the braking performance if accumulated on the wheels. Cause wear of brake and wheel tyre. Aluminum alloy wheels will quickly transmit these heat to the air, which undoubtedly increases the safety factor of the vehicle. Forged wheels has more advantages than cast wheels in this respect.

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The weight of aluminium alloy wheels will be about 2kg lighter than that of iron wheels, so four aluminium alloy tires will be about 8kg lighter than iron wheels. To a large extent, it can contribute to the vehicle's maneuverability and be more flexible when turning or turning. It can also reduce fuel consumption to a certain extent. The forged wheels are lighter than the cast wheels by more than 2 kg.

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In addition, aluminium alloy wheels is more beautiful than iron wheels, forged car rims are more diversified in shape, and replacement of the same size rim is allowed in the annual inspection. Since aluminium alloy wheels has more advantages than iron wheels, it is suggested that the car owner can replace the car rims with forged rims when he is new to the car.

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