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The difference between forged aluminum alloy wheels and casting wheels 2017-12-22 15:40:50

The difference between the forged aluminum alloy wheels and the casting aluminum alloy wheels.

What is casting aluminum alloy wheels: melt the metal into a liquid that meets certain requirements and pour it into the mold. After cooling, solidification and finishing, the process of casting (part or blank) with a predetermined shape, size and property is obtained. The raw material is a3562 aluminum alloy.

What is forged aluminum alloy wheels: using forging machinery to exert pressure on metal billets and make plastic deformation, so as to get machining methods with certain mechanical properties, shapes and sizes. The raw material is T6061 aluminum alloy. By forging can eliminate cast loose metals, welding holes, casting is China's most ancient art (such as bronze), the mechanical properties of the casting out of general parts as the forged parts, so the forged aluminum wheels cost is high, and it's the best car wheels.

2-piece forged aluminum alloy wheels

The methods of production and processing are different, so the characteristics of the use are completely different. The cast wheels is made of the molten aluminum water in the sand mold, and then made by mechanical processing (to the edge, the appearance and polishing) after it is cooled and formed. Forged aluminum alloy wheels is t6061 aluminum alloy pie. After heating, the wheels blank is made by the great impact of the machine tool. After cooling, it is machined. Easy casting of mass production, and the forging process was more complex, so the production cost is relatively high, but the forging hub in the production process for aluminum block after continuous stamping, so after forming, its molecular structure will become very close, so can withstand high pressure, and at the same size of the same strength, forged wheels lighter than casting wheels.

The benefits of upgrading the forged aluminum alloy wheels.

1. security performance

The material strength of the forged wheels is about 30% higher than that of the casting wheels.

Hardness: forged wheels is 125HB, and casting wheels is 85HB;

Elongation: forged wheels is 12%, and casting wheels is 7%;

Tensile strength:forged wheels is 370 MPa, casting wheels is 250 MPa

The aluminum alloy wheels is customized according to the customer's vehicle design and processing, which perfectly matches vehicle data and does not use any accessories, such as gaskets, transfer plates, central rings, etc., which effectively reduces the potential safety hazards caused by accessories damage.

2. appearance

Because the forged wheels structure, can bear high stress, so in the design, it can design some of the more lively thin spokes, freedom of design is also high. Can be designed according to customer needs, more suitable for the overall appearance of the customer's car, make your car more personalized.

3. control performance

Upgrade forged wheels without affecting the steering and loading conditions, increase the width of the wheel, the vehicle acceleration, brake sensitivity and the curve will increase obviously, whether it is to start from the stationary, or moving speed, will obviously feel lighter, whether in or out into the corner bend bend the car will obviously feel the foot light.

t6061 aluminum alloy wheels

4, can increase the life of the engine

According to the engine load and the power curve, when the load increases to a certain extent, the power was reduced, this will represent the marginal per 1 unit load, the engine will be more difficult (particularly fuel), the engine load is reduced, the natural decrease of fault, prolong life.

5. Fuel saving to improve vehicle driving comfort

The forged aluminum alloy wheels is lighter than the casting wheel, and the forging wheel hub has used ten thousand ton forging press to squeeze the raw material, making the metal density more compact, thus improving the metal property. The forging hub is more than 35% lighter than that of the casting hub. The weight of the reaction speed of the suspension has been significantly improved, the suspension system faster, processing natural potholes more easily, hanging lighter flexible, bumpy feeling greatly reduced.

According to the Japanese experiment, the weight of the 5 sedan is reduced by 1kg per year, or about a year or more 20L gasoline. The research report released by the American Society of Automotive Engineers points out that the forging hub is more expensive than the common casting hub, but in the long run, the car can reach the cost of 1-3 kilometers to recover the cost. Now, in order to reduce the cost, vehicle manufacturers usually use the casting wheel, and the quality is uneven compared with the modified wheels. Many production foundry wheels are subject to production equipment and condition constraints, and there is a great potential safety hazard. The 99% car wheels on the market is the casting wheels, which is a cheap price. But the wheels for sports, such as F1, WRC, WTCC and so on, are all high-end forged aluminum alloy rims, and the price of each rims is tens of thousands. The aim is to lighten the weight. Because the heavier the hub, the worse the start of the vehicle and the slower the brake, resulting in poor performance. Chen Zhen, the car's home commentator, said that the 1kg was reduced on the wheel, and the effect was 10 less on the body.

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