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The advantages of the 2-piece wheels 2018-01-16 17:37:00

As we know forged wheels have monoblock forged wheels and multi piece wheels. Here, we will talk about the advantages of the 2 piece wheels.

custom two piece wheels

1, the rim part of 2-piece wheels can be shared, so replacing the different hup caps can be different style wheels.

two piece wheels hup caps

2. with different sizes of rims and hup caps, the specifications of a variety of 2-piece wheels can be matched to meet the needs of the individual modification.

3, due to the rims and hup caps are separated, to facilitate the use of some complex surface treatment process. The modeling of 2-piece wheels is also more complex, more cool.

custom multi piece wheels

The disadvantage of the two piece wheels:

1, Two piece wheels are more heavier than monoblock forged wheels.

2, the dynamic balance of two peice wheels is not so good as monoblock wheels

3, two piece wheels assembly requirements high, especially some poor quality 2 piece wheels, gas leakage potential.

2 piece wheels suppliers

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