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Salute Classics《 Initial D》 2020-12-17 16:12:12
I believe many people saw the initials D when they were young. This cartoon brings us different new experiences. Fujihara Tuohai's love car AE86 was also popular all over the world at that time, pushing the upsurge of refitting cars to a peak. Let's enjoy this super sports car and high performance wheels today.
car wheels
The story takes mountain road racing as the theme. It describes the hero Fujihara Tuohai who is challenged by many drivers from other places after his super driving skills are discovered. Therefore, driving his father's love car AE86 started road racing. Later, he and his rivals Takahashi Liangjie and Takahashi Kaijie formed an expedition team Project D, which began. Expedition of mountain roads throughout the territory of Guandong.
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For many car fans, "Initial D" is an enlightening animation, which covers almost all the players in the glorious period of Japanese performance cars. The most impressive car is obviously the main character - Toyota AE86.
There are also many fans who change their cars to AE86 to meet their childhood aspirations.
wheels for cars
There are many accessories needed to refit the car, including the car wheel. JOVA forged wheel can provide custom wheels for you.
custom wheels for car
Drift needs high-quality forged car wheels to support it. Choose high-quality high performance wheels in  JOVA forged wheels to make your drift more smooth.

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