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Problems of in automobile modify wheel 2018-02-01 15:18:00

If the brake system is not upgraded, or if you are not interested in changing the brakes, the problem of changing the rings is relatively small. First of all, we have to have a vehicle rim PCD value, otherwise it will not. The common car rims PCD are 112, 114.3, 120, 100 and so on.

OFFSET value can not be significantly different from the original value. This value determines the location of the car wheel in the wheel arch. Occasionally I heard that a student changed the wheel rim after scraping the sand board (wheel arch), probably due to the improper OFFSET rim. The improper wheel OFFSET can even make the tire beyond the wheel arch, which is no doubt the hidden danger of driving, and it is not beautiful.

bmw 20 inch rimsbmw 18 inch rims

In the same way, we can't choose a larger diameter car rims than the original rims. Generally recommended level wheels, such as 18 inch rim suggestions to rise to 19 inch, of course, there are up to 20 inch rims, but should not exceed 20 inch (excluding VIP LOOK vehicles), because it will affect other parts of the vehicle, such as acceleration, comfort the meter reading, etc. Besides, the tire should also not easy to find.

When the relative value mentioned above is determined, the next is the car rims width, which determines the width of the tire. Of course, it can also say that the width of the tire determines the width of the car rim, depending on which angle we start from. It also said the rim often see the label on the 8J or 8.5J numbers, 8 of which refers to the rim width is 8 inch, 1 inch is equal to 25.4mm, so it is easy to calculate it needs 205 collocation tires, but we can also buy 215, or even 225 of the tire, the tire deformation, and the like PCD is a fixed value.

18 inch wheels20 inch forged rims

Like CIVIC's 205/55 R16, you can be 215/50R17, or 225/45R17, and so on.

It is said that there are some things that need to be paid attention to simply changing the wheel ring without considering the modification of the brake. If a classmate in the modified rim, want to leave space for the brake upgrade after we have some reference value. Before talking about these reference values, a brief introduction to some things about the brake disc and the sub pump.

18 inch staggered rims18 inch grey rims

When the brake is reformed, it usually does not move and the horn, and the transfer bridge has a certain amount of processing allowance. That is to say, the brake disc shape and size determines the pump position, and the pump is installed in the inner rim, not only on the rim diameter requirements of OFFSET (ET), spoke shape is also required, pay attention to the one called CALIPER HEIGHT parameters. Now it is assumed that the shape of the spokes meets the needs of the sub pump, and what size of the brake disc can be held by the 18 inch wheel? The following is only a reference value, because the shape of the different pump will also have a certain effect on the size of the value.

The largest can accommodate 16 inch 300mm 17 inch disc, about 335mm, 18 inch 360mm 19 inch, 20 inch 380 mm, 400 mm, 21 inch 410mm.

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