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OEM Factory Wheels 2017-11-02 10:48:14

It happens to all of us. Unfortunately, You skid on black ice, ride over a canyon-sized pothole, hit an unseen obstacle in the darkness, or suffer a similar road calamity. Whatever the cause, you’ve scraped or dented one of your wheels. Such damage is not only unsightly, it can make your vehicle unpleasant and even unsafe to drive. But before you pay the high dealer price for a replacement, check out our forged wheels rims. They’re exactly the same as OE wheels, made of the same material and manufactured in the same styles and finishes, but cost much less.

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No doubt, a damaged wheel will detract from your vehicles appearance, but more im affect handling, and it could cause annoying vibration that can also prematurely wear suspension and driveline pportantly, a damaged wheel can be a safety hazard. It may not hold air, it may not track properly, it may adverselyarts. We have aluminum alloy remanufactured and replica wheels in all popular factory sizes, designs and finishes, that will not only make your vehicle look great again, but also ensure yours and your passengerssafety. More details at www.jovawheels.com.

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