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Multi spoke rims mercedes benz aftermarket wheels 2018-05-17 17:53:15

Now, many people like to modify their cars, more and more prople like the multi spoke rims. today, I will share you several Internet celebrated multi spoke rims wheels.

This mercedes aftermarket wheels is multi spoke with machined face, the rims is gloss black paint.

mercedes aftermarket wheels

The next multi spoke wheels also for mercedes benz. It's 44 multi spoke. This wheels is very popular with the Chinese car owners.

multi spoke wheels for mercedes

The multi spoke rims, the spoke is curvilinear, very personalized.

Multi spoke rims

This 10 multi spoke rims is double 10 spoke, with machined lip.

10 multi spoke rims

More multi spoke wheels rims, visit our website. Jovawheels.com is the forged wheels manufacturers in China, custom made car wheels, mercedes replica wheels, welcome to contact us.

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