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How to make sure your modify wheels are good ture forged wheels? 2018-01-24 12:10:07

Car rims modification should be cautious, and false rims causes safety hazard.

Now, because of the popularity of car modification, many car owners like to refit their own cars and refit a beautiful and personalized car wheels rims. But now a lot of owners don't know anything about car modification, but they want to make car refit. Because of this, many refitted shops will make use of the fake wheels to refrain the owners. So today this article will tell the owners about the way to identify the inferior and bad car rims.

personalized car wheels rims

A true forged wheels rims can make their own personality promotion, become a bright spot in the car, so the wheel modification is a modification project many owners want to do. But because the owners of the automobile parts quality is not very understanding, so many businesses will pass.

So the editors will take the owners together to learn how to identify the good and bad car wheels rims.

The appearance

General bad workmanship is very rough, because the mold precision is not high so in the corner place not too small to do. So there will be a lot of prickly burrs at the corners of the general shoddy rims, and it doesn't look so delicate. And if it's a good car rims, it won't be a problem. So it is necessary to identify the true or false rims. First, see if the appearance is fine and smooth.

true forged wheels rims


by wheel weight problem. In general, forged wheels are much more lightweig than cast wheels. And the same size car rims does not have much difference in weight. It can also be said to be basic. And the inferior rim is different, because its production is not qualified so the weight is different from the good wheels. So car owners can also make their own car wheels rims and modified wheel when identifying the real or false wheel.


Last is the price. The old saying, "a penny of the goods" owners in the time to refit the car wheels rims, try not to be cheap to choose the lower price car  wheel. But the price discrimination is not decisive, the most important thing is to see whether the above two points are qualified. If you realy want to save money, you can choose the professional custom forged wheel manufacturers, they offer lower price than retailers.

professional car wheel manufacturers

Warm reminder: the car wheels rims carry a large part of the safety responsibility of the car, so the owners must carefully check when they choose to modify wheel, so as to avoid changing the fake forged wheels. For days after the traffic security risk, The loss outweighs the gain.

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