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Case of wheel refitting 2020-12-17 16:00:38
Audi A6L appearance brings people visual impact, more stable, more restrained, traditional car get a cultural concept. After all, the original wheel can not reach this height. It is necessary to replace to forged wheels, in order to reflect the overall temperament and sense of movement, and a more powerful sense.

forged wheels

The original wheel is really too simple, which is almost the same as the wheel of the ordinary car, so a more suitable forged car wheel needs to be replaced.

custom forged wheels

The selected RS6 style of 18 inch rims is better looking, but also in line with the overall design of JOVA forged wheels, with a better look, more perfect.

custom car rims

It really suits you after the change.
Forging wheel must be selected because of good quality, long safe service life, one price and one goods
Most of the original wheels are cast, but the later ones are forged.

18 inch rims

After changing, it really looks better. It has a lot of upscale, more than 400,000 cars. After changing the wheel, it feels more than 600,000 to catch up. Maybe that's where the charm of the modification lies. It's good to change the wheel.

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