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Advantages of forged aluminum wheels 2017-11-24 17:33:02

The automotive wheels are made by 6061 aluminum alloy, using forging manufacturing process.

Forged aluminum wheels are divided into following four characteristics:

1 improve the comfort of driving. Forged aluminum wheels has the characteristics of absorbing vibration and rebounding force. The CNC machine tool has the advantages of high precision, high roundness, small swing and good balance, so that the vehicle can run smoothly and comfortably.

2 driving normally, saving fuel oil. Because of the weight of the aluminum alloy wheels, the inertia of the four wheel is reduced, the acceleration of the automobile is increased, and the energy requirement of the brake is reduced, thus reducing the fuel consumption.

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3 to improve the traffic safety. While the bulk temperature coefficient forged wheels is two to three times that of ordinary steel wheels, coupled with the structural characteristics of forged aluminum wheels, it is easy to tire, brake system of the heat generated by the discharge scattered in the air. Even in the long time continuous brake driving conditions also, can make the wheel system to maintain the proper temperature.

4 improve the overall beauty of the car. Forged aluminum wheels appearance design is exquisite, the shape is diverse, can achieve the car hub in one, perfect, improve the vehicle aesthetic concept.

5 improved driving stability. Tires widened to improve grip, brake performance, and effectively improve the driving control and driving fun.

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