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What to pay attention when modified rims? 2018-01-22 17:01:38

For a car manufacturer, the cost can be saved. The car rims is unfortunate to be the object of the cost saving of the original plant. As long as the size is suitable and the rigidity is sufficient, the car original rims will choose the simple structure and the medium mold for the molding. Although the quality is no problem, it will not take care of the consumer's personalized needs. Some low-end models or even ugly to the hub "universally condemned".

custom made car rims

Therefore, custom made car rims has become another good way for the owner to display its personality after the body sticker. But changing the car wheels rims involved in more parameters, the owner of this intention is best to do foot work first, so as not to bring security risks.

1. Central aperture (CB)

The size of the center hole of the car rims. Although the car rims with different original value can be installed by the positioner, we do not recommend it for safety consideration.

2, the diameter of the circle (PCD)

For example, the car rims with a circular diameter of 5x120mm, representing it has 5 positioning bolts, and they form a circular diameter of 120mm. The value should also be by the original factory.

3, wheels offset (OFFSET)

Also called the ET value, the value is positive, indicating that the car rims fixed surface is outside the center, and vice versa within the center. The car's offset is generally positive, and this value have great impact on the stability of the vehicle running and tracking of a bend, is the original was good, non special needs can not change.

wholesale car wheels rims

4, diameter and width

The diameter determines the size of the ring. Because the speed meter reading of the car is measured according to the car wheel speed, the car wheel diameter passing through the assembly causes the speed meter reading to be small, and you are unwittingly speeding. The excessive diameter of the car wheel will also be erasing to the wheel arch and the wing plate. Therefore, the modified car rims upgrade than the car original wheels 1 inch as well, no more than 2 inches, but also to ensure that the whole Tailai collocation thin wheels in size and almost before the upgrade.

modified car rims

The width affects what type of tyre to choose after the upgrade. Too wide the tire will reduce the start speed and consume more oil. The common values are as follows: 185mm wide tyres correspond to 5 inch wide rims; 195mm corresponds to 6 inch rims; 205mm corresponds to 6.5 inch; 215 corresponds to 7 inch.

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